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What People are saying about Joy for Life Retreat

What Joy for Life Retreat participants have said:


“ My husband is now drinking 2 glassfuls of the Smoothie and I am trying to do 2 quarts after the retreat. He saw that I was perkier and looked healthier, as have others. As soon as our kitchen is finished with the remodeling (another 2 weeks), I will have a group over to serve and demo the green smoothies as well as show the Cancer movie (Healing Cancer from the Inside Out).

Victoria’s question and answers and info, Valya’s demos, Sergei’s wild edible walk and chats with Robert were highlights of the week. All of you just motivated the hell out of us to switch to a green smoothie lifestyle!!! Thank you so very much for what is unthankable. I am excited about turning 70 soon and maybe no gray hair by 80. I am a confirmed reader of your website now.

How could I have forgotten to mention the Work with Tom? He was fantastic!!! I was thinking of food when I wrote that email thanking you. I have done a lot of The Work and been with Byron Katie several times, which had already helped me immensely with life. But Tom is a Master of running a large group; he was amazing working with so many and holding their attention when they did not know anything about the Work before coming. I cannot praise him enough. Several things came up for me that I did not expect and were resolved. Thank you for putting together such an amazing retreat to raise consciousness on the planet.

With much gratitude, Elaine

Over coming diabetes with Green Smoothies!

Clent enjoying a green smoothie at the Joy for Life Retreat
Before I attended the retreat, I already understood the impact green smoothies can have on your life. From January 2008 to 2009 I incorporated green smoothies as a main course to my 100% raw food lifestyle. Remarkably I was able to release 226 Lbs in 12 Months and reverse type 2 Diabetes. You can read about my story in Green Smoothie Revolution.

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Clent, OR

isabelle_joyforlifeI very much enjoyed the retreat. I feel a lot more energy throughout the day. Since the retreat I have been sleeping through the night. My back pain is noticeably less. And most of all, I feel greatly inspired to share the green smoothies with every one; the day after tomorrow, I am going to serve green smoothies to 100 kids at my son’s High School. Fun!

Isabelle, CA




em_joyforlife For me the Joy For Life Retreat was like a fresh start. It was a turning point in my life, in the way I eat and the way I think. I feel like I have been given a secret formula to recognize destructive thinking and process thoughts so they are not in control of me. Drinking green smoothie every day was nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be, the experience showed me how my body and well being should feel. It’s funny the way we live compromising how good we can be simply because we haven’t taken the time to find an alternative. This retreat showed me a new way.

EB – Australia


I want to share wonderful news! After the retreat I got back my results from my HA1C (a test for average blood sugar levels) and it was in the normal range for the first time ever!!! Hooray! I feel blessed! I have such gratitude for the dedicated and beautiful teaching of the Boutenko family and for the company of you wonderful fellow learners. Thank You all! JJ


The retreat was an extraordinary experience for me. It was definitely worth a trip from Japan. I had been drinking green smoothies for a while almost everyday but it was my first time to have them for every meal and I could definitely feel my body enjoying it so much! Each smoothie was different and delicious and I was surprised at how 1 glass of GS made me so full. I never felt hungry through the whole week. After a long flight from Tokyo I was expecting to feel exhausted but the smoothies made me feel energetic and I was able to get up every morning for early morning yoga classes. By the end of the week I noticed my skin tone turn a shade lighter. I didn’t have a chance to weigh myself but my skinny jeans felt a lot looser than before, especially around the thighs. Most of all I felt very positive and happy!! I enjoyed all of Victoria’s classes and learned a lot from her. Not just about the benefits of green smoothies but from the way Victoria shows her passion and expresses her self in order to spread the greatness of smoothies and eating raw. I am really looking forward to introducing green smoothies widely in Japan. Choko

Being around the Boutenko family and participating in the Joy for Life retreat has impacted my life:

  • I am now eight pounds lighter than I was when I arrived.
  • I have twice the energy I had previously and I’m slowly losing weight without effort.
  • I now drink a half gallon of green smoothies daily and I AM NOW COMPLETELY RAW.
  • I no longer eat anything with sugar in it. I’m off caffeine, alcohol.
  • I feel amazing.
  • My family sees how good I look and am being influenced by my good choices.
  • I learnt not to fear the sun and have discontinued taking supplements.
  • I have even weaned myself off of all prescription medicines except one.

Basically, I’m dancing in the street like Martha and the Vandellas.


The Work helped me to stay out of business that is not mine and has let a few more blue birds land on my shoulders.

Oh, and all three of us here are chewing on our Jawcercisers every night before bedtime.

Peace, love and understanding,